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Invited by Inegol Municipality, Bursa Support for Health Initiative (SUGESAM) started to work in 2015 with the ceremony attended by Governor Izzettin Küçük. Following the opening, Governor İzzetin Küçük, who was in the SUGESAM examinations, invited all of them to the healing center. Governor İzzettin stated that small health tourism is a developing and rising trend. Governor İzzetin Küçük said, “There is a serious capacity for this issue in Turkey. Hot spring tourism also has an important place in [...]


Iyongol Municipality completed the construction in Oylat Village Peace, opened with ceremony. The mayor, Alinur Aktas, will replace the maid after the peasant market. History of İnegöl before opening. Mayor of the bazaar shop Alinur Aktaş'a found flowers. OYLAT, İNEGÖL'ÜN BRAND Speaking at the opening Mayor Alinur Aktaş; "A health center where everyone can benefit from Oylat 7 to 70. A corner from heaven that distributes peace and healing to people in lush forests ... Oylat; The center and the brand of [...]