Invited by Inegol Municipality, Bursa Support for Health Initiative (SUGESAM) started to work in 2015 with the ceremony attended by Governor Izzettin Küçük. Following the opening, Governor İzzetin Küçük, who was in the SUGESAM examinations, invited all of them to the healing center. Governor İzzettin stated that small health tourism is a developing and rising trend. Governor İzzetin Küçük said, “There is a serious capacity for this issue in Turkey. Hot spring tourism also has an important place in this health tourism. As the average age increases, we do not get it, our neck aches, and when we think about where to go, the spa comes to mind. A few names come to mind when it comes to Bursa. Uludağ, chestnut sugar and Iznik together with the spa and Oylat certainly comes to mind, “he spoke.


In addition to the facilities they will be doing, Inegol and Bursa are the candidates for becoming a very important tourism center. Governor İzzetin Küçük said, “The facility we will open is not a bathhouse. It was built with an understanding that includes the kinds of water and various usage patterns. Oylat will always be with you. As a very rare part of Bursa, we need to treat Oylat like a lace. Governor of this understanding as we, “he said.


Inegol Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that İnegöl, which has many artifacts in terms of history and cultural richness, is one of the example cities with its furniture, dumplings, Oylat Springs, sunflowers, historical mehteries and many other features. Expressing that tourism has been in a very serious development in recent years, Aktaş stated that they are making an effort for the city to be remembered with the works related to tourism. Providing information about the work done, Aktas said, “This year 176 thousand night stays have been made and this is a very serious achievement. Oylat employs 150 employees and contributes to tourism in the country’s economy. “


Reminding that SUGESAM has passed with the support of BEBKA Aktaş, “We received many support from BEBKA as İnegöl Municipality. SUGESAM’s aim is to contribute to the development of health tourism by increasing the health services in the region and it is possible to pass on a much more comprehensive life than bathing culture. Private family rooms, saunas, steam rooms, shock showers, massage rooms were created. 1 million 948 thousand TL, 212 thousand TL was received by BEBKA. Oylat is a place where people want to find healing and peace. There are more things to improve. We are trying to reflect our energy and power at this time of day and night, “he said.

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