Iyongol Municipality completed the construction in Oylat Village Peace, opened with ceremony. The mayor, Alinur Aktas, will replace the maid after the peasant market.
History of İnegöl before opening. Mayor of the bazaar shop Alinur Aktaş'a found flowers.
Speaking at the opening Mayor Alinur Aktaş; "A health center where everyone can benefit from Oylat 7 to 70. A corner from heaven that distributes peace and healing to people in lush forests ... Oylat; The center and the brand of our city with its peacefulness, density and all the complexity of our city and the peaceful atmosphere, healing waters, cave and unique nature view ... Many services in order to promote our Oylat, physical and social conditions that we thought to be an important place in health tourism, We spend. Our goal as a municipality; Oylat'ta investments we made the region's spa and health tourism attraction center, making Oylat tourism heaven, "he said.

Information about Oylat Bazaar Aktaş; "With our Organic Marketplace we will make today's opening, we are able to get the job opportunities of our ladies in Oylat region as well as our guests who can get to our organic products more easily.If we are talking about the physical characteristics of our patties, the total construction area of ​​our peasant patio is 1850 m2. We have 22 shops since 32 sqm. There are two shops that can not be used in the restaurant where the shops belong to the upper part. The area of ​​138 square meters of our patio was arranged as 6 lodging. The total construction cost of our patio is 1 million 800 thousand TL
AK Party Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin; "I am the child in this way. There is no place I did not step foot in this area. It was not worth it to come to stay for 4 years. Oylat is a beautiful place. Healing center. Oylat changed. There was a big hotel, Güven Hotel. There were wooden barracks. It is made suitable for the conditions of the day. It comes to the point where people will be able to take advantage of it. Muhittin Tanoğlu, Cemal Arik, our late uncle, now our President Alinur, Oylat AŞ'ın management officials showed their efforts, they show. People are staying here with clean air and hot water for 81 days. They moved the point where natural products are sold. Mayor of God be pleased with God, "he said.
Speaking at the opening, Kaymakam Ali Akca said: "When you think of İnegöl, we can talk about dozens of values ​​in my mind. Our mehter, who reminds us of Osmanlığımız we listen to great tunes in the value of İnegöl. Seljuks, the values ​​of the Ottomans and the Republic, are the most important values ​​of İnegöl, our universe-thinking human being who has united in his own world. Inegol people are kissing people who are not destroying the region where they are burning, but are aiming at serving the region they are in, serving and moving further. Today, the furniture of our furniture and Inegol furniture that announce the name of İnegöl all over the world are the most important values ​​of İnegöl. Our chefs and Oylat, our vast forests ... We can increase these numbers. We are in search of how we can carry these values ​​of İnegöl further. I hope that this organic market that our municipality has made will make Oylat's value one more addition. I am grateful to my beloved because of this beautiful service. I wish good fortune to the worthy shop owners to trade in this region "

After their conversation, Oylat Bazaar was opened with the ribbon cut after the prayer of Mufti Kazım Güzel.

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