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Oylat Atv Safari

Bahçekaya Track

Bahçekaya village parish is estimated to be 10 km long with a forest view and plenty of oxygen along the road and a beautiful trail.

Alaçam Track

All of the courses will offer an unforgettable visual feast to our valued guests, both as a visual and an action, including the forest road Oylat Waterfall, Alaçam Plateau and Saadet Village.

Saadetköy Track

Those who are enthusiastic about trekking and ATV, Saadet and Bahriye Köyü plateau, the summit of the cave Hilmiye Village and Oylat Cave Parkuru offer unique beauty to our valued guests.

Hacıkara Track

The Hacıkara Parkuru, the dirt road with steep descent and exits, continues to have mud and stream passes abound. It is an adrenalin off-road park with a tired little boy ending in Hacıkara Falls.

Sütlük Plateau Track

Milestone Plateau Park, top 15 Km climb, 15 Km down 30 Km, magnificent mountain scenery and lush forest, you can watch İnegöl at an altitude of 1350, you can watch a magnificent track.

There is no such thing as we do not know! Our professional ATV instructors train you on special safe driving and off-road driving techniques.

  • During the tour,our guests are required to wear helmets,knee pads, elbows and gloves.
  • Those who have Class B and above can use our vehicles.
  • While cruising, guided by the tour guide, you should keep track distance and go in one row.
  • It is forbidden to stand up and look back while you are on the road. Drivers are prohibited from taking phone calls,photographs and videos in the course of driving.

If I’m the only one, do not think that driving with the group is necessary. If you are alone; Company friends, family friends, in short, if you come with the group organize. As long as you want to drive ATV!